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Farm Fresh The Cow Milk

Buy farm fresh desi cow milk online with free home delivery. We are delivering a Bottle full of health right at your doorstep. The Cow Milk offers fresh, pure, and natural cow milk produced from high breed Sahiwal cows at your doorstep every day. Our cow milk home delivery areas include Delhi and Gurgaon.

Hi-Tech Farm

Milk is gathered from many small-sized farmers resulting in discrepancies in supply volume and quality Milk delivered is usually a mixture of multiple breeds of cattle and also a mix of cow and buffalo milk.

Grow Our Own Feed

Sourced from our well sanitized and state of the art dairy with only one breed of cows (Holstein Friesian and Jersey cross-breed), the milk delivered is 100% fresh and healthy cow’s milk.

Touch-Free Milking

According to FSSAI, 70% of milk is non-conforming to prescribed standards. Water is that commonest adulterant which poses a significant health risk if contaminated Apart from water.

Bottled Fresh,Everyday

The dairy supply chain involves multiple middlemen leading to delays in transportation to final destination The milk isn't maintained at the specified temperature leading to bacterial formation making the milk unfit for consumption.

Zero Adulteration

With the elimination of all middlemen and with our robust cold chain that ensures milk is maintained at below 4o Celsius throughout the availability chain. Our milk is delivered within the healthiest possible form within a couple of hours of milk production.

Quick Home Delivery

The gap between supply and demand forces dairy companies to convert milk into powdered milk and use it to supply reconstituted milk when production is low Milk being served during summer months may need actually been produced 6 months back.

Say Yes to Fresh Cow Milk! Say Yes to Health!

At The Cow Milk, we are delivering a Bottle full of Health right at your doorstep. The milk is naturally produced through high breed desi cows at the company-owned farm house, ensuring high level of quality is maintained. Pure and fresh milk enriched with vitamins, calcium, protein and brimming with health, our cow milk is free from chemicals and preservatives. It is an ideal choice for boosting immunity and enhances the overall health and nutrition value of individuals of all ages.

At The Cow Milk, we believe happy and healthy cows produce quality milk. Hence, we ensure to keep our cows in a clean and hygienic environment. To maintain quality throughout, their fodder is grown organically at our farms. We also have a team of in-house medical staff for regular upkeep of our cattles.

We pack the fresh milk within minutes after milking and cooling it down in eco-friendly glass bottles to maintain quality and freshness.



100% Fresh and Natural

We offer 100% fresh and natural cow milk produced from high breed desi cows at the company-owned farm.


Boost your health

Pamper yourself with the goodness of fresh, healthy and tasty cow milk to boost your and your family’s health.


The journey of The Fresh Cow Milk started with the vision of delivering the goodness of fresh cow milk to every household. The milk is produced from high breed indigenous cows maintaining delicious taste and superior-quality in every drop. Our quality commitment is proven by the fact that fresh milk is milked directly at our in-house farm, packed in eco-friendly glass bottles and delivered within a few hours to maintain the authenticity of taste and quality. Our cows are raised under proper care and well fed with organically grown in-house fodder to maintain the quality enabling us to deliver 100% pure, healthy and nutrition-rich milk and dairy products which are free from preservatives and chemicals.


Fresh from farm to home

Committed to serve our customers with healthy and high quality cow milk and nutritious dairy products.


Eco-friendly packaging

Packed in eco-friendly glass bottles for maintaining throughout quality and freshness.

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